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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  June 12, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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gretchen carlson who's in los angeles starts now. thanks, guys. we start with a fox news alert because fox news just now confirming that sergeant bowe bergdahl will be returning to texas. that's going to happen tonight. hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. welcome to "the real story" today live from los angeles. he's going to leave a military hospital where he's been recuperating in germany for some time now. jennifer griffin live for us at the pentagon. what have you learned? >> what we know from multiple senior u.s. defense officials is that sergeant bowe bergdahl will be flown back to the u.s. tonight. he will be arriving, we're told, some time after midnight in the early hours of tomorrow morning. he will be taken straight to san antonio to the brook army medical center. we do not expect to see him on his way into the hospital. in fact, we've been told by multiple officials that they will not give the press access
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to bowe bergdahl and we will not see him enter the hospital. we know that he has not spoken to his family while over in landstuhl. but when he is at brook army medical center, that's usually as part of the reintegration where he would meet with his family. we don't know of any plans right now for them to travel to brook army medical center. but this is the next phase of bowe bergdahl's reintegration back here into the united states. >> jennifer, it's interesting because, of course, we had the hearings on the hill yesterday with defense secretary chuck hagel. what do you make of this timing? is this following the time line, we were waiting for bergdahl to improve -- why bring him back now tonight? >> well, remember, the second phase of this reintegration that was dealing mostly with psychological issues, we're told, for bergdahl because early on, they stabilized him. he did not appear to have any really serious physical problems
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other than some nutritional deficits that were dealt with. so this psychological reintegration of this second phase can go anywhere from five days to three weeks. this is what they establish for p.o.w.s returning from vietnam. it's been part of army and military protocol for some time. we were always told it would be up to his doctors and psychologists for when he was ready to travel. now we're being told that he will be arriving shortly after midnight in san antonio, texas. then they will move into the next phase of his reintegration. as of now, as far as we know, military investigators have not had access to bergdahl and have not had a chance to interrogate him, per se, about why he left his base. that will be something that will take place in the next phase when he is ready, according to senior u.s. officials. >> very interesting developments today. jennifer griffin, thank you.
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another fox news alert to tell you about now because iraq on the brink of an all-out civil war, pleading to america for help. islamic militants from an al qaeda-inspired group now out with a warning, vowing to march on from mosul to baghdad. this after they advanced through northern iraq taking over city after city. the iraqi military are abandoning their posts with the militants parading the captured soldiers. all the chaos forcing people from their homes. the islamic state of iraq and syria -- this is known as issis continues to gain area in the oil-rich zone and saddam hussein's hometown of tikrit. is iraq collapsing in front of
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our eyes in civil war? >> that's what it looks like from a distance right now. the military there is disintegrating before our eyes and the government's response is confused. and the militants seem to be moving forward with nothing to stop them in their way. the iraqi government says they are determined to gain -- regain the ground they have lost. but how they're going to do that is a really big question. they've not been able to organize even a state of emergency bill past parliament, which makes any serious effort to stop the advancing of the extremists unlikely. the black flags and banners of the islamic state of iraq and syria fly over mosul, tikrit and flu fallujah. we're hearing the kurdish population have taken control of the northern oil city of kirkuk. all this appears to make the country looks like it's splitting up with the iraqi
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sunni population backing the militants and the others backing the iraqi government. >> conor, thank you. as the militants gain control of key cities in iraq, president obama admits the iraqis do need help. his remarks coming after rather harsh comments by house speaker john boehner. but still the president did not get into specifics when it came to the kind of help that the u.s. would actually provide. >> my team is working around the clock to identify how we can provide the most effective assistance to them. i don't rule out anything. >> they're 100 miles from baghdad. and what's the president doing? taking a nap. >> joining me now, guy benson and eboni williams. she joins me here in l.a. eboni, huge developments. the administration saying
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unforeseen, caught off guard by what was going on there. what do you make of it? >> it's inexcusable. the best strategy in this situation is to expect the worst and muster up support for this iraqi government. you can't send troops on the ground and liberate this government and not be there to support as we pull away and leave those people vulnerable. >> you heard guy, democratic strategist, basically saying what i thought you might say about this. and we should all throw in there that the iraqis have apparently asked the united states for air power. the president did not make it clear today what kind of help he's going to send if any. >> that's right. let me continue this role reversal by first acknowledging -- i think it's important to point this out that if you look at the polls, the vast majority of the american people at this point in retrospect view the iraq war as a mistake. the idea of pulling out of iraq
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and ending that war was and is very popular. i can imagine some opponents of the war and obama supporters being frustrated that now he has to clean up a mess that he would have never made in the first place by not authorizing force in iraq. all that being said, the crisis that is happening now just north of baghdad and just west of baghdad was completely avoidable because when we cut out of iraq -- >> how? >> well, the key point, gretchen, was when we decided to leave iraq precipitously with no residual troops left behind, that was a terrible avoidable error and the fact that the administration bungled the status of forces agreement in 2011, that pulled every single american soldier out was -- >> guy, so many people warned about this happening. they did. and i want to bring eboni back in. they warned. and yet the president was saying at the same time that al qaeda was on the run. >> sure. and certainly in pakistan that might be true. but you have to worry about the
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middle east and africa. guy is right. i'm not a fan of the iraq war. but it's a two-pronged thing the president was challenged with. doesn't matter if the iraq war was authorized. president barack obama ran on the promise to get us out safely and protect the interest we established over there. he's got to do that responsibly. he's got to be specific. i think he's acknowledging a need for help over there. we have to talk about intelligence and weapons. equipment and training to support these efforts. >> hopefully it's not too late. they've moved into mosul. now they're reaching out to baghdad. eboni and guy, got to wrap it there. we have breaking news, a fox news alert because police in phoenix, arizona, holding a press conference right now on what they believe is an attempted robbery at a church. this left one priest dead and seriously wounded another. police say it happened outside of the church's sanctuary late last night. the deceased priest identified as reverend kenneth walker. the injured priest, joseph terra, in critical condition. police saying it's only a matter
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of time before the individuals responsible are caught. as you can see, that press conference going on right now out of phoenix, arizona. we'll keep you apprised of what happens. time to move on to capitol hill where republican lawmakers are gearing up for leadership elections, yep, they weren't expecting this. exactly one week from now, they're going to be doing that, following the stunning primary defeat of house majority leader eric cantor. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel live for us on capitol hill. what's the latest on those who want to put their ribbon into the hat or -- whatever you call it. >> those who are interested in rising up the ranks, increasing their ranking in the house gop are actively seeking support from colleagues. california's kevin mccarthy who is currently the republican whip and has majority leader eric cantor's support is seen as the larger successor by many. pete sessions is the house rules committee chairman and just met with his home state delegation
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trying to round up support. fellow texan jeb hensarling has dropped out saying, although i'm humbled by the calls from my colleagues, encouraging me to return to leadership, i will not be a candidate for majority leader next week. here's house speaker john boehner. >> i do think the members are going to make this decision. we're going to do it next week. i'm sure some will argue it was too soon, some will argue it was too long. but it's important we resolve this issue in a fair amount of time so that we can do the work that we were elected to do. >> now, with hencer ling stepping aside, that avoids a texas versus texas feud. but this will all be sorted out in a week. >> my mom just called me because she is the queen of cliches. it's put your hat in the ring, not your ribbon in the hat. mom knows best always, right? what is the mood now? i know we heard from nancy
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pelosi and other democrats, right? >> that's right. nancy pelosi says she is too busy to be gleeful. but some people were pushing her buttons trying to get her to engage or to laugh about the bit of chaos on the republican side of things at this point. she says it's important to know your district down to the very blade of grass. here's more from the house democratic leader. >> it's a whole new ball game because now the public is paying attention to what's going on here and what's going on here is the republican party going even further to the right. >> we will see about that. leadership elections, one week from today. gretchen? >> mike, thanks so much. we have breaking news now about bowe bergdahl as you heard at the top of the program. he will return to texas tonight to the brook army medical center. we'll bring you the latest on that breaking news right after the break. imagine pumping gas and you
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see this -- a driver crashing into a pump, setting off an inferno. how one man's quick instincts helped save lives. plus, he's a numbers guy with a brain for sports and politics, getting kudos know from the upstart candidate who beat eric cantor in tuesday's primary. he's going to join me live to explain his role as the money ball guy in that upset. and violent protests in brazil showing no sign of ending as the first match about to get under way. care what age you are.
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fox news alert, senior defense officials telling fox news right now army sergeant bowe bergdahl will arrive in the u.s. some time after midnight. it's going to happen tonight, likely early tomorrow morning at some point. bergdahl being flown from a military hospital in germany where he was recuperating after being rescued by navy s.e.a.l.s after the white house agreed to the swap. the only american prisoner of war in the afghan war. more on this story coming up later in the hour. in the meantime, a historic primary victory for a virginia tea party candidate, taking a page out of a hollywood script. economics professor dave brat looking to november after defeating house majority eric cantor in tuesday's primary.
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in a real-life case of the movie "moneyball" this campaign employing a number cruncher to draw up a playbook, breaking down the votes needed in each county to win. john pudner is the founder of concentric direct and is my guest today. you don't mind if i call you mr. moneyball, right? >> that would be fine, thanks, gretchen. >> how did you do it? i have to say your predictions and your game plan was spot-on. >> well, last year, we thought there were 25,296 votes outside of the county that we could get against eric cantor if we had the right candidate. and having run a lot of conventions, two things you need to know is appreciate the grassroots of the people who win elections and you need to know how to count. we had both those things. december 7th, had my first conversation with dave brat.
11:18 am
had been told about him. he seemed like a credible person who could articulate what we thought the grassroots going on when it concerns the dealmaking in washington. >> you talk about a targeted ground game, in other words, don't waste your volunteers' time. what do you mean by that? >> well, volunteers are the most important asset in a campaign, particularly if you're not exactly loaded with money, which the campaign wasn't. and you don't want to waste a volunteer's time. we oversaw 176,000 door knocks in alabama during the takeover by the republicans back in 2010. and you don't want your volunteers who have dedicated three hours at a time they could be with family to be knocking on doors of people who don't vote or aren't open to your message. so their time is the most valuable asset a campaign has. we had them spending time where they could get votes from day one. >> it's so interesting because i know that you also love sports and you consult for nba teams
11:19 am
with regard to the draft. so what is the correlation between running a political election like this and sports? >> there are only a few of us who i think do both. but when you show up at an nba office and want to give them draft advice, you've got to be able to tell them how many rebounds a guy can get at the next level, how many points he's worth to the team, et cetera, you need specific numbers for them to decide who they're giving $5.5 million guaranteed to to that high pick. same thing here. dave brat is obviously a super candidate. we had to show him county by county where he could get the votes, how he could actually win. he won enrico. you have to have a draft. people lose elections over the wrong strategy, too. >> i know that better than you might think. my husband is also in the sports business. and i know his stats people are the most important people on the
11:20 am
staff. but i know exactly where enrico county is. the actual is 25,296 outside of that county. the difference was only 0.2%. you are the moneyball guy. >> we were right there. i will say in fairness, henrico, we only thought we'd get 8,000-some votes. and due to some things went on, our people got galvanized there and we topped 10,000 there. henrico wasn't spot-on but it was in the right direction. >> i think it's fascinating because you believe the 21st century tools even out money in races. speaking of moneyball, and you believe that this race would not have happened 30 years ago. i think it's fascinating moving forward for politics in america because everyone thinks unless you have a ton of dough, you
11:21 am
can't do it. and this is proof that you can. it's been great to talk to you, john pudner. i hope to talk to you again soon. you're a fascinating guy. thank you so much. >> thank you so much. can you believe it? the murders that sparked the trial of the century happening 20 years ago already today. and now new claims that a member of o.j. simpson's defense team, the dream team, may have tampered with evidence. and the luxury home hanging by a thread. dangling from a cliff. wow. how that happened. plus, giving new meaning to a bird's-eye view as an american eagle is fitted with a tiny video camera. that brings us to our facebook question of the day. what would you like to see a camera strapped to? uh-oh. is that dirty? tweet me @gretchencarlson. use #therealstory. we'll read your comments at the end of the show. i'm cracking myself up.
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welcome back to "the real story." live from l.a. $700,000 home in texas now on the verge of falling right off the edge of this cliff, collapsing into the lake below. the house is only seven years old and reportedly began crumbling after its foundation started to erode. the owners are said to have moved out after authorities condemned the property. but they'll reportedly still be on the hook for any clean-up costs and trust me, that is going to be massive. today marks 20 years since o.j. simpson's ex-wife nicole brown simpson and ron goldman were murdered. now new claims o.j.'s personal attorney, robert kardashian, took possible evidence, a
11:26 am
garment bag belonging to his client. kardashian's ex-wife, kris jenner, responding to that claim. >> could you conceive of him loving his friend so much that he would help him dispose of evidence? >> absolutely not. >> did he ever tell you that he had ever done that or been asked to do anything like that? >> no. i guarantee you 150% that he had this character and integrity and christian values and believed in the truth. >> brian claypool is a criminal defense attorney and joins me live in l.a. hard to believe it's been 20 years. it was interesting to hear kris jenner talk about her husband -- her ex-husband, who now has passed away. so we'll never know whether robert kardashian dished any evidence. what do you think? >> we don't have the garment bag either and robert kardashian has passed away. so we're never going to get to the bottom of whether he tampered with the evidence.
11:27 am
>> but it's hard to believe 20 years and of course people remember where they were when the chase was going on. they remember where they were when the verdict came in. you say it all came down to the d.a.'s decision about what? >> remember a couple of minutes ago you said your mom sent you a text or a call and she said put your hat in the ring? i want to ask you a question, has your mom ever sent you a text saying, location, location, location? >> only in new york city. >> l.a., too, though. austin's a good market, too. but the o.j. trial was all about location, location, location. imagine where this murder took place. it occurred in brentwood, an upper scale neighborhood in west los angeles. the trial would have taken place in a santa monica courthouse, conservative jurisdiction, a lot of white folks. for the d.a. to decide, i'm so confident i'm going to try it in downtown l.a., that's like getting up off the beach and driving into the middle of a thunderstorm. >> it was interesting because gill garcetti at the time, the
11:28 am
d.a., made the decision because he wanted to avoid any racial bias by trying it in santa monica. >> i know gil garcetti personally. and he indicated to me that was the decision because he didn't want any controversy afterwards saying, well, this was a racially based guilty verdict. so he decided to move it into downtown l.a. >> what about judge ito and the circus and the sidebars, how did that play into it? >> i think this o.j. simpson trial turned into a mini soap opera. it took away the integrity of this murder trial and people became more enamored by who's testifying and what's he going to wear, what's he going to say -- it was almost like someone was auditioning for the trial after the trial. >> i have to wrap it there, brian. but so great to see you in person. our own greta van susteren will have a special tonight. catch it right here on fox. in the meantime, breaking news about bowe bergdahl.
11:29 am
he's returning to texas tonight to the brooke army medical center. we'll bring you the latest on that coming up next. and with militant islam appearing to make a comeback overseas, senator john mccain blasting the administration for being caught off guard in iraq. >> i say to the president of the united states, get a new national security team in place. you have been ill-served. >> the white house response to the criticism as islamic insurgents seize control of major cities. and a fast-acting hero jumped into action seconds after being slammed to the ground in a fiery explosion. the story behind this gas station fire and the video coming up next. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition inharge™.
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i'm mom at the playground the kids get trail mix, and you get a delicious milo's kitchen chicken meatball. i wish you liked my cooking that much. milo's kitchen. made in the usa with chicken or beef as the number one ingredient. the best treats come from the kitchen. fox news alert now, as the al qaeda-inspired militant group now in control of key iraqi cities vows to barch on to baghdad and implement its strict version of islamic law. president obama says iraq needs additional assistance from the u.s. to stop the insurgency. he made it clear the white house has not ruled anything out. chief white house correspondent ed henry has this part of the story. it seems to have caught the white house completely by surprise. >> gretchen, you're right. this situation is imploding before our eyes and it is becoming a bigger and bigger national security crisis for the united states. practically every hour.
11:34 am
you've seen oil prices soaring today, on the news that at least two iraqi cities have been overrun by these militants, an al qaeda offshoot group. the president in the oval office said today all options are on the table. but his spokesman quickly clarified that not all options are on the table because he said the possibility of sending u.s. ground troops to iraq is not on the table. and the president even as he talked about action also made clear the u.s., in his words, can't be everywhere all the time. listen. >> that's part of what the counterterrorism department that i'm going to be calling for congress to help finance is all about, giving us the capacity to extend our reach without sending u.s. troops to play whac-a-mole
11:35 am
in a particular country. >> what's on the table could be u.s. air-strikes, other military assistance. but a few moments ago, it was said ultimately the iraqis have to stand on their own two feet. but the reports we've seen over the last 48 hours, iraqi military being overrun, some deserting, running off. it's pretty clear right now they're not standing on their own. >> so, ed, obviously a lot of concern right now going on. is there fear that what we are seeing now in iraq will replay in afghanistan with our troops also leaving there soon? >> we saw a series of republicans today make that very point, that they're concerned since the u.s. did not leave a residual force on the ground in baghdad, we've been led to this point. the white house pushing back by saying they couldn't get a status of forces agreement with the iraqi government to make sure that the u.s. military would not be held responsible if iraqi civilians were killed. so they couldn't leave forces behind. in the case of afghanistan, we'll have at least 9,800 u.s.
11:36 am
forces left behind. but john mccain said when you look at the situation as it plays out right now, he thinks this administration needs major change. listen. >> i say to the president of the united states, get a new national security team in place. you have been ill-served by the national security team and the decisions that you have in place now and the decisions that you made. >> to give you an idea of how grave the situation, republican lindsey graham says he believes this offshoot is trying to launch attacks against the u.s. homeland and said we're seeing the potential for another 9/11 right before our eyes, gretchen. >> very scary. ed, thanks so much. back now to sergeant bowe bergdahl being transferred from a hospital in germany to another in texas, likely early tomorrow morning. joining me now, tony sayegh and bernard whitman. great to see the both of you. breaking news happening within
11:37 am
our hour today, tony, what do you make of the fact that bowe bergdahl is going to be coming back? what are we going to find out? what are we learning? >> too many troubling things. while it is of course good that we are getting him back, the reality is this has been complicated for the administration. the revelations of the fact that he could been a defector at one point, the fact that his unit said he was always someone who was problematic within their ranks. the military was against this trade for five dangerous taliban terrorists. and we're learning every day that the administration hasn't been forthright with congress, something that is against the law that the president himself signed. these issues have led to a lack of credibility for the administration that even democrats are beginning to seriously lament, including dianne feinstein, the chair of the intelligence committee in the senate. >> bernard, i'm assuming now that bergdahl's going to be back on u.s. territory and soil, maybe he's going to meet with his parents, maybe he's not.
11:38 am
but for sure we're going to find out more answers because this is where the investigators come into the picture, right? >> i hope we can finally put the issue to rest. the guy was held captive for five years under terrible conditions. you may or may not agree with his performance while he was overseas. but he was an american soldier and we have a duty to all our troops to make sure that they come home. the president did that. he brought him home. and frankly i'm surprised i find myself in agreement with people like charles krauthammer depoliticize the issue. bringing him home was the right thing to do. i think we should move on. >> remains to be seen what comes when he gets back to san antonio, texas. i want to move on now to the grave situation that's happening in iraq as we speak right now. it looks like a civil war is happening there, tony. and it looks like they're going to move on from mosul to baghdad. so many people, especially people in the military and those families who have lost loved ones fighting this war, what
11:39 am
could they be possibly thinking today? >> well, it's sad you hear the reports already of many of the soldiers who fought and lost friends and comrades in iraq suggesting their effort was in vain. this is something that was predicted when we realized that the president was more fixated on the ideological and political objective of retreat rather than the right strategic objective of success and victory in iraq. we're going to find ourselves if we believe what the president said today in this kind of patchwork mode now where we're going to rush to try to do something to at least address the fact that obviously these insurgents are taking over major areas. they just took over tikrit today, hussein's former hometown. they're on the march to baghdad. this is the lack of a coherent policy at the hands of this president and his national security team -- >> i have to get bernard in. could it be that mitt romney was writing this whole thing where he said the withdrawal from iraq was more than unfortunate. i think it's tragic, it puts at
11:40 am
risk many of the victories that were hard won by the men and women who served there? that was back on november 11th, 2011. >> not at all. the only people that are surprised this is happening are the ones who got us into this mess in the first place. this could have been predicted a decade ago before we went into iraq. this is a nation that has been confronted with violence like this and separatist conflicts like this for centuries. 75% of the american people wanted us out of iraq. we couldn't afford to continue being in iraq. we never should have gone to iraq in the first place. we can't even take care of the vets who are there -- >> well, we were there and the idea that this whole thing is going to go into complete chaos and civil war, many people not happy about it. >> and we were winning after the surge, gretchen. >> we were, tony. got to wrap it there. all the way from l.a., i have to go way back to new york to
11:41 am
shepard smith reporting live from the fox news desk. >> scientists say they have created a new virus a lot like spanish flu that killed some 50 million people in the early 1900s. the centers for disease control and prevention called it the mother of all pandemics. now we have a new version right here in the united states. researchers say they built it fromike these on my screen. then mutated it so it can spread more easily from one host to another. so which is a bigger risk, not doing enough to prevent the next pandemic or potentially at least creating it? we'll have that and the rest of the day's headlines including further reporting from iraq. that's in the next hour on "shepard smith reporting." see you then. >> thank you, shep. on the eve of friday the 13th, things are going a little haywire, far, far away. how it may be affecting your plans to get from one place to another. plus, it makes everything taste so much better, right? butter. now after years of being told butt ser bad for you, we have
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welcome back to rrs rrs. "the real story." great news for fans of butter. new research revealing scientists have done a complete 180 on the stuff saying saturated fat may not be so bad of us after all. trace gallagher is joining me
11:46 am
live on the l.a. set for more on that. look at you. you are two-fisting some butter sticks. >> this is great. >> it was demonized for so many years. in my house, we didn't have butter. we had the big tubs of margarine and the egg beaters -- >> i grew up in minnesota, my friend. >> a lot of america didn't abide that. now we've had a war on fat for the last 30 years. and now "time" magazine talked to experts that said it all backfired. for 35 years, since 1980, type 2 diabetes has gone up 160%. there are 78 million americans who are now obese. that's like a third of us. we are now, big round of applause, the fattest country in the world. why? well, turns out when we cut out all that fat, we started binging on processed food like sugar, sweeteners, corn syrup.
11:47 am
go into a fast-food restaurant for under ten bucks and get 6,000 calories. heart rate deaths have gone down in the past 35 years but mostly because emergency medicine has improved and we're not smoking nearly as much. >> but they're not saying we should go out and eat burgers every day, right? >> no. olive ail, salmon, nuts have good oil and raise your happy cholesterol. we know that butter and bacon and steaks raise your lvl, the lousy cholesterol. but they're finding that steaks and butter raise your happy cholesterol a little bit. so it's not nearly as bad for you as they thought it was years ago. they think because in the '80s they started all these fat-free cookies and crackers, it changed our blood chemistry. and now we store more calories because of that. and we've gotten fatter. it's all common sense. have a little butter on your bagel. >> suzanne somers once told me
11:48 am
to shop the perimeter of a grocery store because that's where all the fresh food is. all the processed stuff is in the middle. thanks, trace. great to see you in person. this growing trend is why i'm in l.a. today, faith-based movies are all the rage, coming out of hollywood. why so many filmmakers are now focused on making movies that change lives. >> what you're teaching is anti-theism. it's not enough that you don't believe. you need all of us to not believe with you. >> you want to ensnare them into your primitive superstition. they're about 10 times softer and may have surface pores where bacteria can multiply. polident kills 99.99% of odor causing bacteria and helps dissolve stains. that's why i recommend polident. [ male announcer ] cleaner, fresher, brighter every day. [marge: you know, there'sr, a more enjoyable way to get your fiber. try phillips fiber good gummies. they're delicious, and an excellent source of fiber
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trwith secure wifie for your business. it also comes with public wifi for your customers. not so with internet from the phone company. i would email the phone company to inquire as to why they have shortchanged these customers. but that would require wifi. switch to comcast business internet and get two wifi networks included. comcast business built for business. welcome back to "the real story" live from l.a. there are so many successful
11:52 am
christian movies backed by hollywood execs making faith-based films that change lives. that's the purpose of the family entertainment and faith-based summit which starts today right here in los angeles. and one movie set for release next month seeks to add to the growing list. >> those who claim that your ministry is intolerant and may threaten the freedom of others -- >> fragile and must be defended by work and faith and even by blood. >> yep. that was me in the upcoming flick. it's called "persecuted." joining me another star in the film, chris thompson, former presidential candidate, former u.s. senator, and of course the star, as i said, of "persecuted." and daniel lufko, filmmaker and the film's writer and director -- and my friends now. great to see the both of you. >> good to see you, too. >> fred, let me start with you. we're out here for this summit. we're talking about family movies and faith-based movies. they've had a resurgence.
11:53 am
why? >> well, it could be a lot of different things. first of all, there are a lot more people interested and capable of making good entertaining faith-based or at least faith-friendly movies. and something a little deeper may be going on, too. you know, we -- these are troubled times. people look for help wherever they can find it. we're -- we were talking earlier, we tried self-help, a lot of people look to government. you might say that we've been following false good for a whds while. we might ready for the real one. >> well put. daniel, you're the man behind the film, "persecuted." if you look at a recent study, more than half of all american say they wish there were more movies with christian values. you tapped in to something here just retight tim tigh-- at the right? >> it's interesting that this faith audience has been a niche
11:54 am
audience for so many years. now's dominating the marketplace. shortly we'll see major studios releasing bigger faith-based films. as fred put it, i think we're seeing a demand all across america that for a long time new york and l.a. has been kind of referred to as the dominant space. but the rest of america i think wants to see movies with values they care about and pe"persecut" touches into those values we care about. >> yeah. and there are other tv shows, "duck dynasty," "the bible" miniseries, "god's not dead." i could go on and on. i think it was $50 million at the box office in 2014. so in a sense, it's smart economics, right? >> yeah. it is because there's demand for it. as i say, people are interested in it. first of all, though, you have to have an entertaining product, and as i said -- >> you're fantastic in the film. >> well, likewise, likewise. i mean, that was a great scene
11:55 am
that we saw up there. >> i'm joshing you. daniel, if i can get your thoughts on the two main tenets of your movie, "persecuted," which is freedom of religion, number one, and also first amendment rights. i mean, these are things that many people in this country feel like we're fighting on a daily basis right now. >> yep. those values are at stake for a lot of people. what's unique about "persecuted" is that it's about an evangelist fighting for his beliefs and religious freedom. he's up against great opposition. also plays as a classic political thriller. it plays with classic archetypes, serious production quality. gretchen carlson and fred thompson, your own there in the movie. and these people i think we're seeing a great demand for higher production quality, higher serious acting and this movie deals with those terms whether you're interested in those issues or whether you just want to see a good thriller. >> all right. it comes out on july 18th.
11:56 am
fred and daniel, great to see the both of you. i'll be seeing more of you as we continue to go from city to city. thank you very much. taking a bird's eye view to a whole new level. how one photographer captured this amazing footage and how it's helping to save the life of this incredible animal. we asked people a question, how much money do you think you'll need when you retire? then we gave each person a ribbon to show how many years that amount might last. i was trying to, like, pull it a little further. [ woman ] got me to 70 years old. i'm going have to rethink this thing. it's hard to imagin how much we'll need for a retirement that could last 3years or mor so maybe we need to approach things dferently, if we want to be ready for a longer retirement. ♪
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welcome back to "the real story." tomorrow could be a bad day for cell phones and gps. ization, warn that solar flares will be in full force on friday the 13th. meantime, a sunset like you've never seen before. it was shot in sweden a few days ago. the man behind this footage is an astrophotographer and waited a whole year until the sun was just in the right spot. incredible new footage out of florida. a photographer fitting this american ball eagle with a tiny video camera giving us an amazing bird's eye view as it
12:00 pm
swoops and soars through the air. the eagle was found injured and starving as a baby. the new technology helping to document all of its rehabilitation. isn't that a beautiful shot? speaking of beautiful, wow! california is so beautiful! it's been wonderful being here for a short time. thanks for being part of "the real story" today. i'm gretchen. shep? thanks. there is chaos in iraq -- [ gunfire ] >> militants are threatening to march all the way to baghdad. so what is washington's next move, and specifically, what has happened and how has it happened? i'm sure you've heard lots of talk. we're going to lay out the facts about iraq. and we'll all hear from president obama. -- we'll also hear from president obama. a priest shot and killed and another one wounded in an attack on a catholic church. now the manhunt for the shooter. plus, former president bush 41 goes skydiving to celebrate his 90th birthday. he did ata


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